Life Is Good in Midgard!

The Undead Rising! Campaign

This is a campaign being done through but information on the campaign will be held here. You will be starting as 2nd level adventurers in the world of Midgard. The starting city/town will be determined shortly. This campaign will also be Mythic. We will see how this goes with me writing mythic adventures rather than it being scripted for me. Can only hope I don’t botch it!


You’ve had a few successful adventures under your belts and you still aren’t that well known or seasoned. But you’re hungry for adventure and the treasure and glory that it brings. However, are you ready for what’s about to happen to MIdgard?…

Life is good in Midgard. Sure, there are still the poor and the hungry but in general, the entire continent is thriving. There has even been talk of a lasting true peace between the elves and the humans and even the dwarves are being a little less xenophobic. So, what is there to do for special people like yourself to do in a world that is seemingly becoming idyllic? Well, of course, there are tombs to plunder, ancient ruins to explore, and even caverns that go deep underground to map and conquer. And that’s why you’re here – the adventuring life called to you a while back and your recent successes have only fueled your inner fire for wanderlust and exploration.

One wonders what will happen when that lust for adventure becomes a desperate bid just to survive…

Undead Rising!

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